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DocuSend Report Portal FAQ's

No. All reports are tied to User IDs so no one else can view your company's activity. You can log in from the or home pages. Some find it easier to bookmark
Report Portal gives you access to the management reports that include file dates, quantity mailed, cost per file, etc. Image Bank is electronic storage of customer documents for viewing, re-printing and e-mailing.
DocuSend is a stand alone product. Reports are designed for the most commonly used data. Contact DocuSend at to discuss the package you are in. If your package allows for customization, we will work with you to design a custom report. If you are not in a customized package, we will discuss options with you.
DocuSend is a pay as you go service. Each time you upload a file, you are charged via your selected payment method. You can access the Report Portal to view the historical charges for your account.
Login to the DocuSend Portal and select the Admin tab. You will be able to add, delete or modify user information and determine their level of access. Click submit when done.
The User ID is your email address. A password is randomly assigned to you after you have successfully uploaded your first file for processing.
Login with your User and Password and select Admin. Select Modify User and enter the employee name and email addresses. Select the appropriate level of access. When done, click submit. An email will be sent to each employee with their user login and password.
Yes. Login to the DocuSend Portal and select the Admin function. Make sure your user is only checked for Image Bank. They will not be able to access the Report Portal. Or check if you select Report Portal only they won't be able to access Image Bank.

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