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Authored by: Dave Drum, President, DocuSend powered by MTI.
Last Modified: July 31, 2018
Mailing as easily as emailing

How to ensure your customer invoices get opened?!

Email is sort of like leaving a note on someone's desk. But what if somebody comes along and dumps a pile of papers on top of your note?

That's how it is with the invoices you send electronically:

Helpful Mailing Hints

Nearly 54% of the entire planet is currently using email—over three and a half billion people internationally. On an average day, 269 billion emails are sent (

So, you're not the only frog in the pond.

Be a Bigger Frog in a Smaller Pond

By comparison, in 2014 ''only'' 61 billion pieces of first class mail were sent via USPS. And just as smart business managers decide which employee they trust to handle a critical project, or which vendor to choose for a procurement essential to growth, they must choose what to email or send by US mail.

So before you click the Send button, ask yourself:

''Is this going to end up in a sea of hundreds of other messages going to their inbox?'' The immediate nature of an email is great when quick decisions are needed as a routine part of communications. But if your message includes an important document like an invoice or statement, consider the consequences if it is opened by the wrong recipient, rejected by the receiving server, or caught in a spam filter.

How frustrating is it to follow up and get...

Oh, Sorry, I Must Have Missed Your Message

Email messages are generally less personal and often deemed less important than letters sent through the USPS. Impersonal and disposable emails mean that users do not feel an obligation to reply to each message. People tend to focus their attention on only the most relevant emails, and delete any unnecessary message (sometimes by mistake).

Personalized letters and invoices sent through the post office often receive a higher perceived value. One email received in the sea of 269 billion plus could lead to a recipient missing or ignoring the message completely. A traditional envelope can be a way to stand out from the crowd and have a message or invoice noticed.

But email has its place:

Quick messages needing a fast response—shoot off an email. If you don't get a reply in a timely manner, you can always pick up the phone. Sending an important document or invoice? I'll go with USPS every time. No misdirected ''spam'' or quirky server miscues, and with current delivery confirmation methods, you know it got there.

See our post on the security of e-mail vs. the US Mail. That's a real-eye opener.

In the meantime, ask yourself if you open and carefully read every email in your inbox. How about the letters delivered to you on your desk?

Updated on December 27, 2017


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