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Q. How can I update my credit card info in Quick Pay?

A. After you add your file to the shopping cart, select the Quick Pay option. It will take you to the page where you can click on the blue "Manage my payment information" button under the gold "Pay Now" button. From there you can update your credit card info, delete a card or add a new credit card.

Q. Can I opt for a Monthly Invoice with DocuSend instead of pre-payment?

A. DocuSend is a pay as you go service. If you are in our DocuSend package service, you must pay via Credit Card or Pay Pal. Customized services are available. Contact MTI at for additional information. If you opt out of the DocuSend package, you will need to complete the on line Credit Application and go through the approval process before the change can be made. Other applicable charges will apply, including a change in your processing costs. And you'll also have to provide postage in advance of each mailing.

Q. Can I receive a monthly invoice instead of pay as you go?

A. In order to provide our DocuSend one low price DocuSend packages are pay as you go only. If you'd like a different payment plan, please contact MTI at to discuss custom options that fall outside of the DocuSend value price point.

Q. Will I receive a monthly invoice for the statements you mailed through DocuSend?

A. DocuSend is a pay as you go service. Each time you upload a file, you are charged via Credit Card or Pay Pal. You can access the DocuSend Portal to see what your charges are per mailing. You can also select a date range to get a total of quantity processed and costs.

Q. What is the $0.50 upload batch fee?

A. A $0.50 Upload Batch fee applies to each shopping cart purchase. This fee allows us to keep our costs low and maintain a no minimum document policy. It covers all documents (no limit) uploaded in your shopping cart.


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