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Q. Can I use DocuSend to send mail from a foreign country into the USA?

A. Yes, you'll save both time and money by using DocuSend to mail your invoices and letters from foreign countries. As a rule, mail sent from outside the USA to for delivery within US borders is subject to inspection by the US Customers and Border Protection before being sent to a USPS sorting facility. That can mean a delivery delay of two to three weeks. DocuSend’s print-to-mail online document delivery service gets your invoices or letters to a USPS facility by the next business day.

Q. Can I use DocuSend to send mail from USA to foreign countries?

A. DocuSend can be used to send mail to foreign countries. You must have a valid foreign address that includes no more than 5 lines:

✓ Addressee's name

✓ Street address or P.O. box number

✓ City, province, state, or county, and postal code.

✓ Country name

✅ Please be sure that the last line of the address is the proper Country Name.

Q. How long after my file is uploaded are my documents processed?

A. Documents are out the door within 1 business day from the time you upload your file, approve it and select your payment method.

Q. Are invoices mailed on the weekend?

A. Documents are processed and mailed Monday through Friday, except on Postal Holidays.

Q. How can I control my mailing dates?

A. You can control your mailing dates by managing when you upload files to the DocuSend portal. Upload your file the business day prior to the day you want it to be mailed.

Q. What if I want to send a special insert with my invoice?

A. You can add generic letter-size flyers, announcements, advertisements, coupons or notices to your DocuSend Mailings. Click on the green Upload a PDF Insert button in the package options section. Your insert can be printed in black or color on 8.5" x 11" paper and it gets placed as the last page in each envelope. PDF insert pricing starts at $0.10/page black or $0.17 color. Pricing based on ink coverage.

Q. How do I email a document to a customer that misplaced their original mailed document?

A. Login to the DocuSend protal and access your Image Bank. Enter customer name and click View Documents. Select, open and save the document to your computer. You'll then be able to attach it to an email to your customer.

Q. A customer said he didn't receive his document. What do I do?

A. Login to the DocuSend Portal. Access your Image Bank. Enter customer name and click View Documents. The most recent mailings for that customer are listed there. Select the document in question to review with the customer. Verify his mailing address or email address. You'll be able to tell by the file date when the invoice was mailed. You can then either reprint the statement for mailing, or email it to the customer.

Q. Can invoices be printed on colored paper and/or inserted into colored envelopes?

A. MTI's DocuSend options include printing in black or color on white paper. All are inserted into white window envelopes. If you would like a different color or type of paper, please contact and we'd be happy to provide you a quote for a customized package.

Q. How do I reprint a document for a customer?

A. Go to your Image Bank and enter the customer name and click View Documents. Select and open the statement from the list. You'll see a button to print the image. From there you can: print to a local printer, save as a pdf or e-mail it to the addresses.

Q. How do I set up a document to be emailed versus physically mailed?

A. Place the recipient's email address in the first line of the mail to address block. Update your customer contact record with their email address on the first line.

Q. In QuickBooks, I have the option to print the invoice or to email the invoice. Which option do I check or click?

A. Check the box to mail later. All your documents, whether they are to be mailed or emailed, will then be in one file. MTI will separate out your emailed and physically mailed documents by looking for the email address on the first line of the mail to address.

Q. Can DocuSend handle multi-page documents?

A. Yes, DocuSend can place up to 5 pages in one envelope, as long as each page is for the same customer at the same address and is in sequential order.

Q. When are my documents posted in the DocuSend Portal?

A. Documents are posted to the portal once they've been processed, which is typically the next business day.

Q. How quickly do emails uploaded to DocuSend go out?

A. Emails go out immediately after you have completed your transaction.


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