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Q. What is the cost to access and store statements in the Image Bank?

A. There is no additional monthly or per person cost to store and access images. Your images remain in the Image Bank for 6 months. This is an added free benefit of your DocuSend service.

Q. What if I want statements to remain in the Image Bank for longer than 6 months?

A. Contact MTI at to discuss your options.

Q. How many months of statements are stored in the Image Bank?

A. Typically, six months of statements are stored. However, if you need them to be accessible in the Image Bank for a longer time frame, contact MTI at and we'd be happy to discuss your options.

Q. What if I don't want to provide access to the Image Bank?

A. Manage access through the DocuSend portal through the Admin function.

Q. How many individuals can access the Image Bank?

A. As many people as you'd like can be granted access. Just manage permissions through the DocuSend Portal Admin function.

Q. What's the difference between Report Portal and Image Bank?

A. Report Portal gives you access to the daily reports including: file dates, quantity mailed, cost per file, etc... Image Bank is electronic storage of your documents for viewing, printing,saving and e-mailing. You can do this directly from the Image Bank screen.

Q. Can I give someone access to the Image Bank, but not the Report Portal?

A. Yes. In the DocuSend Portal, select Admin and make sure your user is only checked for Image Bank. They will not be able to access the Report Portal or Admin functions.

Q. I can't find the customer in Image Bank. What do I do?

A. Double check the correct listing of the customer name and re-key it into the Image Bank. If there is still no history, check your file to make sure the customer was actually included in the file originally uploaded to DocuSend and that they should be receiving documents. If you find them in your file but not in the Image Bank, please call MTI Customer Service to research.

Q. How do I reprint a bill for a customer?

A. Go to Image Bank and enter customer name and click View Documents. Select and open the document from the list. You'll see a button to print the images. Print to your local printer and mail out to customer or save as a pdf and send as an email attachment.


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