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Q. What do I do if we uploaded the wrong file or selected the wrong job specs?

A. If you haven't paid yet, just return to the shopping cart. You can click on the Review PDF file under the ID column and make modifications to the Job Specs. Or under the Action column, click on Remove and that file will be deleted from your shopping cart.

Once you click on Pay Now, the action is not reversible. Your order has been submitted for processing and cannot be retrieved, modified or deleted. We urge you to verify that the correct files are uploaded before completing payment.

Q. Can I upload files daily, or must it be monthly?

A. With DocuSend, you can upload files on any schedule you want – daily, weekly, monthly or any other time schedule. Every time a file is received and processed, we submit the charge for services to your selected payment method.

Q. Why do I need to be able to print / save as PDF?

A. Presenting a PDF ensures that we will not alter the body of your document. With DocuSend, we do not alter your data. We only modify the address information to meet postal standards and best practices. We only format position to insure proper fit into the window of the envelope.

Q. Why is it better to use Print to PDF instead of saving my document as a PDF?

A. PDF file created using Print to PDF is a simplified PDF. A document created using Save As PDF, on the other hand, can contain data, hidden or visible, that may conflict with commercial printers. When this happens, the resulting printed document may look different from the PDF. Print to PDF keeps your fonts, etc. looking the way you want them.

Q. What if I want to upload word documents instead of a PDF for mailing?

A. Word documents are acceptable as long as they fit the template and have been saved as a PDF. It's important that both the return address and mailing address are in specific locations to meet DocuSend specifications.

Q. How do I upload my documents to DocuSend?

First time users can click the DocuSend button "USE IT NOW" on the DocuSend website Returning users can login to the DocuSend Portal at and click the button to upload your file. You'll be prompted for specifications regarding your mailing to get pricing. Then you can upload your file, review it and proceed to checkout. If you are a returning user, your specifications are pre−loaded but easy to modify if needed.

Q. How do I batch PDF's?

A. Your accounting software program, like QuickBooks has a batch function.

Q. How can I get a program for printing to PDF's?

A. Programs like Adobe Acrobat, CutePDF, doPDF and other services offer this function.

Q. Do I have to do separate file uploads to distinguish between emailed and physically mailed documents?

A. No, your emailed and mailed documents can be uploaded in one file. For emailed documents, the email address must be on the first line of the mail to address in place of the customer's name. If for example, you're using QuickBooks, you would only check the box "to be mailed". Do not check the box to email the document from QuickBooks.

Q. Can I upload files that contain foreign addresses to DocuSend?

A. DocuSend is for US Domestic Mail only. Addresses must be valid Domestic US addresses. If you have documents that need to be mailed to foreign addresses, please contact MTI at and we'll work with you on a solution to get them mailed.

Q. I received a browser error message and I can't upload a file. What do I do?

A. DocuSend is supported by new browsers, so older versions, such as Explorer 8, won't work with the DocuSend features. Upgrade your browser to a newer version and then you'll be able to use DocuSend.

Q. Can I upload different templates at one time?

A. We strongly advise against this. The review screen will only show you the first document in your file upload. For this reason, we recommend uploading each document type or template as a separate file. You can then adjust and approve each template before you release it to be mailed. However, if all of your individual templates contain the return address and addressee in the exact same position, it is safe to upload as one file.

Q. Can I upload a file that contains color logos or images?

A. Yes, you may upload files that contain color images, but it may increase your upload time. Under job specifications, you can choose to print in black or in color.

Q. Can I use DocuSend to mail out flyers?

A. Yes. Use our Flyer measurement guide. Your Return Address and Mailing address go in the top left, leaving the rest of the page for your message. Create your flyer, do your mail merge, print the file to PDF and upload to DocuSend. They'll go out the next business day.


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