Is DocuSend Really ''Faster Than Buying a Stamp''?

Authored by: Jim Stewart, Founder DocuSend, powered by MTI.
Posted on February 13, 2018
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I learned recently that DocuSend was plagiarized. The culprit copied much of the look and feel of our website; even the graphics and content are almost identical. But they missed the point; in fact COMPLETELY missed the point of what drives small businesses to use DocuSend as their mailroom in the cloud.

Here's why:

Anyone who has tried DocuSend just once knows what that point is, and that in turn defines our 95% retention rate. It’s simplicity. And it is the single most difficult thing to achieve and maintain operating a web based product that is being offered to millions of businesses across the U.S.

I will have more on the plagiarism narrative in an upcoming article. Back to the title of this one; many people ask me where the catchphrase ''Faster Than Buying a Stamp'' came from, and is it really true. The answer may surprise you.

The alpha versions of DocuSend (not so long ago) were clunky, slow, complicated, and hard to navigate. Most things worked functionally, but using it was like trying to paint a barn with a fountain pen. I have always felt blessed that the team that created DocuSend asks themselves the same question each time we get close to releasing to market: ''If I were running a small business, will this product provide an immediate ROI?''

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As it turns out, that’s not only what SMBs want, it’s what they need. It turned out to be a while before we finally arrived at a unanimous ''yes''

So let's go back to the slogan. There are many companies that sell stamps online. Our internal focus group tested the best of them. The task?....... navigate through the DocuSend system to see if it's possible to upload and mail a file of 500 records as fast as buying 500 stamps online. The answer is yes! It's close, but DocuSend is faster. That's how easy we made DocuSend to use.

But that's not the end of the story – not quite. Once you buy your stamps, what are you going to do with them? Stick them on some envelopes? Do you still have to print the letters? How about folding and stuffing them? And don't forget to lick them closed before you take them to the Post Office.

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What does this mean for you? If you use DocuSend instead, you will be done the second you check out, even if you mail them certified. You bet DocuSend is faster. It's not even a contest.

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