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  • Any size order is fine - send one invoice or thousands at the touch of a button. We have no minimum quantities.
  • Choose your mailing options—even add a flyer to promote your business!

Print and Mail Your Invoices QuickBooks Online

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Mailing your invoices with the DocuSend for QuickBooks online app has never been easier or more cost effective. With no minimums, contracts, or setup fees, you'll find our pricing, starting at just $0.80 cents, just can't be beat. For first-time DocuSend users, locate our app in the Intuit App Store to sign in. Enter your QuickBooks login info, click to connect to QuickBooks, and then authorize to allow DocuSend to retrieve your invoices. Your unpaid invoices are being loaded. Once loaded, you can now retrieve your order, see the number of documents and cost. Select paper type, optional remit envelope, ink color, and pricing will update. Adding a flyer is a great way to communicate important information. Your invoices are displayed here. Uncheck invoices you don't want to mail.

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DocuSend History

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Welcome to Mail Technologies, home of an exciting cutting-edge timesaving invoicing and document delivery process that you'll want as an integral part of your office workflow. DocuSend is our new all-in-one document delivery service for managing and distributing invoices and documents. Once you use it, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. So, how did DocuSend come about? Since 1991, Mail Technologies has been offering software-driven print-to-mail an electronic document services. We provide leading-edge technologies for businesses needing a means to communicate accurately with their customers. Our electronic services include document archiving and retrieval, custom application programming, high-speed laser printing, intelligent inserting, and automated mailing. At Mail Technologies, we're continuously updating our services by anticipating the changes and trends in the mailing industry. Along with our outstanding customer service, the energy and enthusiasm the entire staff brings each and every day has led to an international reputation we are all extremely proud of.

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Still Leading the Way

Leading-edge technologies since 1991. And now, no mailing is too small with our all-in-one document delivery service.

Nothing Could Be Easier

Simply upload a pdf and we do the rest. Your documents mail in one business day.

Save Time and Money Automating Your Invoice Payment Cycle. It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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DocuSend, the cost-efficient way to automate your document mailing process, is as easy as 1, 2, 3. As a first-time user, go to the website and click the Try It Now button to see an overview of the service. Then you can select your document specifications. Click to see examples of address placement, email specs, and paper types, and then select between plain or perforated paper. A pricing guideline will be displayed, and here you'll simply upload a PDF file of your documents. If you're not sure how to create a PDF file, consult your software provider. Once uploaded, you can verify the address placement is correct and make final adjustments in the window display, viewing in either envelope or entire-document modes. The final step is to proceed to checkout, where you'll review your order, enter your payment information, accept terms and conditions, and click Pay Now.

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DocuSend Overview

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DocuSend, developed by Mail Technologies, is an easy-to-use web-based program which lets you send invoices and documents—even email—out to your customers quickly, efficiently, securely, and at about half the cost of using regular mail. Here's how it works. If your company has invoices to mail but not enough to justify the cost of hiring a large-volume printing and mailing service, DocuSend is the answer for you. Keeping track of your billing invoices and printing them yourself is a hassle. You or someone you're paying is spending valuable time printing those documents, not to mention the cost of the wear and tear on your company's assets. Then you have to purchase the supplies: the paper, the envelopes, the stamps. Someone—maybe it's you—is spending even more time folding invoices; stuffing, addressing, and stamping envelopes; then lugging everything off to the post office. With DocuSend, you can accomplish all that in less time than it takes to buy stamps. Just go to and fill out a few simple boxes.

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Don't Get Up, Leave the Mailing to Us

Secure print-to-mail. Here's how it works.

The Perfect Solution to a Tedious, but Necessary, Task

  • Streamline mailing while saving on labor and materials.
  • Pay as you go—no surprises!
  • Free report portal and Image Bank allow you to access your mailing history.

Free Features & Benefits for Your Business

DocuSend is the cost-efficient way to automate your document mailing process. This simple, easy-to-use technology is the perfect solution for streamlining mailing while saving on labor and materials. There are no monthly minimums and no contracts, and it's as easy as 1, 2, 3. The cost of using a third-party traditional mailing service can be an expensive proposition. DocuSend is the perfect solution. There are no contracts, no minimums, or long-term commitments, and there are no hidden costs or fees. You can send invoices and other documents whenever you need to, because DocuSend is a pay-as-you-go service. DocuSend gives you a choice of low-cost all-in-one packages, which include processing, the paper and envelopes, printing, folding, inserting, postage, and mailing. The package you choose and number of pieces sent will determine your final cost, which is clearly displayed. And you'll never receive an invoice for services—you pay when you check out. Whether you're sending five or five thousand documents, you'll save about half of what it would cost to do all that work yourself.

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